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Actively preventing COVID-19 is to protect YOU, YOUR FAMILY and COMMUNITY!

  COVID-19 becomes the global pandemic with the rapid infection and serious consequences. According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, until...
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HIV prevention program for Package 6, Under Hanoi pilot light metro line project, section Nhon - Hanoi railway station

With the approval from Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Management Board (MRB) and Alstom Transport S.A-Colas Rail S.A – Thales S.A.S JV (France), Center...
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Health and HIV prevention activities for Da Nhim Hydropower Plant Expansion Project

Under the commitment between the Japan International Coorperation Agency (JICA) and Vietnam Government to implement HIV prevent programs (HIV Pre.)...
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CDECC trains HIV prevention for staff and workers of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant and Transmission Lines Construction Project

With the approval by Marubeni, the consideration from Mr. Devadas - HSE Manager and Marubeni's HSE Dept,  CDECC organized training courses on...
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Promoting gender equality and empowering women’s position in socio-economic development process

Since 2007, Center for Development of Community and Environment CDECE) has cooperated with a number of ministries/sectors: Ministry of Planning and Investment...
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Situation of HIV/AIDS patients’ treatment in provinces, cities until the end of 2014

Situation of HIV/AIDS patients’ treatment in provinces, cities until the end of 2014   Điều trị bệnh nhân HIV/AIDS bệnh viện Nhân Ái, TP....
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Update of epidemic situation until September 30, 2014

Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control sincerely updates the epidemic situation till the end of September 30, 2014.   HIV virus   From the...

- Skills on HIV and STIs transmission prevention and control - Skills on prevention of gender violence - Psychology consultant

- Training on knowledge and skills on HIV and STIs prevention and control - Training on gender equality and gender violence prevetion and control - Training on...

MC-CDECC Consultancy for HIV Pre.

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