DAP project on strengthen the protection of children from ethnic minorities Bac Son district, Lang Son

With the support from DAP Project and Australia Embassy in Vietnam, CDECC had conducted the project namely Enforcement on protection for ethnic minority children at Vu Lang, Vu Le communes, Bac sub-district, Lang Son province (from 4/2010 – 4/2011). With the strong co-ordination from Lang Son Justice Department, Bac Son sub-district Justice Office and two communes, the Project had organized 12 training courses for the local staff personnel, local community, children protection propagandists, pupils at high schools; established the network of children protection propagandists; checked and solved cases of child abuses. The project contributed effectively on the improvement of ethnic minority children protection at Bac Son sub-district.



Học sinh THCS xã Vũ Lăng tham gia phát biểu trong buổi tập huấn về quyền trẻ em





Một số hình ảnh về Dự án DAP tại xã Vũ Lăng, huyện Bắc Sơn






Một số hình ảnh về Dự án DAP tại xã Vũ Lễ, huyện Bắc Sơn





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